[Exi-bay-announce] bike (and ferry) ride

mgalecki mgalecki at pacbell.net
Fri Dec 26 19:55:20 UTC 2003


when Carol and Ralph departed us to convert the Bible Belt, there was a
request to take over organising extropian Bay Area events;  and I can do
some outdoor events.   Physical activities are extropian, because moving
your body increases its extropy!  So, in the honour of Carol and Ralph,
let's have a bike ride (+ ferry).  Since this is a first, let's have an easy
(yet scenic) city ride.

I propose we meet at 10am Jan 18 at the intersection of 3rd St and China
Basin St in San Francisco.  The reason for this starting point is that it is
the southernmost point on the San Francisco Bay Trail in San Francisco, that
is safe and appears to have free ample parking - at China Basin Street.  We
can then bike north on the San Francisco Bay Trail, at the bayfront, take a
look (and smell) at our mammalian pinniped friends at Pier 39, then continue
on the Bay Trail to Golden Gate (stop at vista points) and Sausalito.  Then
we can come back to San Francisco, near the starting point, by the Golden
Gate Ferry.  If there is no ferry immediately when we get to Sausalito, we
can continue along the Bay Trail and come back to Sausalito.

I will check the weather at 8am Jan 18 and we call off if it rains.  Call me
at (408)245-4928 if in doubt.

Mark Galecki

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