[Exi-bay-announce] Eno in 1st Long-term Thinking seminar of the Long Now Foundation

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Thu Nov 6 10:26:30 UTC 2003

Dear Spike,

>Amara wrote:
>The Long Now Foundation GUIDELINES: (for a long-lived,
>long-valuable institution)
>1. Serve the long view (and the long viewer).
>2. Foster responsibility.
>3. Reward patience.
>4. Mind mythic depth.
>5. Ally with competition.
>6. Take no sides.
>7. Leverage longevity.
>As a hard core minarcho-capitalist, that number 5 makes me
>squirm.  Their site doesn't really explain what they

>Amara, do you know?

No, my first guess that it is about leveraging, too, but
I don't know honestly. The answer is likely in one or
some of these essays at their site:


(nice selection of essays, anyway, to browse through)

but I'd need some time to find it. If you find it first,
let us know!

>The terms ally and competitor
>seem opposites to me.  Shall we take the discussion to the
>main extrolist?

If you'd like.... :-)



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