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Mon Apr 26 23:53:29 UTC 2004

*6 week Free Summer Sub-let in Exchange for Dog & Cat Sitting

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Who: Allysyn Kiplinger (hopefully, MA ’04)
Contact: 510-420-0696 or allysyn at xraycards.com
What: free summer sub-let in exchange for dog & cat sitting
When: June 9  approx. July 28, 2004
Where: Oakland residential neighborhood
Please call if this sounds good to you!  Or, pass it on.

*I will be out of town from approx. Wednesday June 9 until Wednesday July 28

I am looking for a responsible animal lover who would like to live free
for 6 weeks in my charming 650 sq. foot second story flat near Piedmont
Avenue in sunny Oakland. Your job will be to be a calm, reassuring, fun
presence for my creatures for the 6 weeks of my absence.  It’d be great
if you didn’t work (much) so you could just hang out here. You get a
relaxed place to live - I get a great dog (and cat) sitter.  Sorry, no
children or animals of your own.

*The dogs* are middle-aged spayed females.  Nova, 6 years old, is a
honey-colored shepard-lab mix, a moderate alpha.  Rosie is a 7 year old
black lab-greyhound mix, a recent addition to the family.  Both are very
pleasant dogs who love walkies.

*Baby the cat* is a gentleman in retirement.  He is 20 years old, short
hair gray tabby & white.  He needs a bit of special attention: a small
pill 2x day for his hyperthyroid (he’s very skinny).   He will need
transport to his doctor for a two quick check-ups while I’m gone.  You
will need your own car for this.

*The 650 sq. ft. second story apartment* is in a charming 1906 craftsman
house on a little tiny street off a really big street near Piedmont
Avenue.  It has: oak hardwood & carpet, up-right piano, queen size bed,
southeastern facing deck with lots of sun, dial-up PC computer, fax,
t.v., DVD & video players, big desk, tiny galley kitchen, gas range,
fridge, tub-shower combo, lots of books, a few antiques, houseplants,
washer & dryer in basement, front & back yard with shade, fruit trees
(plums will be ripe on the solstice), palm tree, flowers, native plants,
porch swing (in yard), and great, helpful neighbors.  On-street parking.

*Piedmont Avenue, one block away, * is one of Oakland’s original
neighborhood shopping streets.  It has almost everything you might need:
44 eating establishments (from 1 to 5 star in quality), coffee and tea
houses, pubs, bars, awesome independent grocery store, banks, boutiques,
home furnishings and antique stores, hair and nail salons, game store,
library, movie theater, and two video rental stores (one is
dog-friendly!). We also have a well-kept little urban creek and two
farmers markets. You are two blocks from the freeway on-ramp, a
half-mile from MacArthur BART, a hardware store, and two more shopping
streets (Grand Avenue & Lakeshore) and Lake Merritt.

Doesn’t this sound great?!  I hope this is what you are looking for.
Please contact me.  [Allysyn, not Anton]
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