[Exi-bay-announce] RE: [Alcor-north] Re: Snorkeling in Point Lobos

Mark Galeck mark_galeck at pacbell.net
Sat Aug 21 20:12:46 UTC 2004

>Independent of how many can make it to this, how many 'tropes do we have
who can swim a mile in open ocean?  My hat is off to you!

Thanks Kennita, but this is not so hard.  We would never be more than 150
yards from the shore, it's just swimming more or less parallel to the shore.
Also, I did not say we race the Olympics record, just move.  Because it's
along the shore, tides are probably not a factor.  But I will check them -
thanks for pointing this out.  

>Question:  is the looking-at-fishes part like resting, or like continuing
to swim slowly?

Depends :)  on where things are and what you want to see.  

>Assuming Mark is the strongest swimmer, he can help you out: from 

No, really we are not racing here.  What I want, is someone who can move a
mile in the ocean, at some speed, without any help and without saying "I am

 >Best to you -- I suppose a camera would be out of the question?

No, people bring waterproof cameras to snorkeling.  Cheap one-time cameras I
have seen many times.  Probably not a good idea to lug an expensive camera,
unless it is a real diving camera, sturdy.  I have never been to Point Lobos
specifically, but in a lot of places, you hit stuff, like corals, all the
time.  I guess in Point Lobos it is mostly kelp forests, but there are some
reefs for sure.  

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