[Exi-bay-announce] Re: [Alcor-north] Snorkeling in Point Lobos

Michael M. Butler mmb at xocolatl.com
Sun Aug 22 20:03:56 UTC 2004

Mark, all--

Wish I could--I have a hood, booties, fins, mask, gloves, compass and 
snorkel; but am currently dealing with a need to move out over the next 

Am also looking for possible sofa-surfing opportunities in the Bay area 
while I look for work and get my footing again.

Down the road, I think another snorkeling thing would be a lot of fun.

Best to all,


On 2004 Aug 21, at 05:59, Mark Galeck wrote:

> Hi BA extropes,
> In the long-standing and mildly successful tradition of posting
> extropy-enhancing activities other than devouring sushi...  (drums)
> Snorkeling!
> On September 6 Labour Day, I would like to go snorkeling to Point Lobos
> State Preserve.  I need a one (1) partner at least, or an odd number 
> of them
> - they make reservations for snorkeling for teams of two people (but I 
> don't
> know how many team spots on that day are left, so each team will need 
> to
> make their own reservations).  We can go early so you will be back for
> Fireworks.  We can also replenish lost calories on our way back in 
> Dharma's
> Natural Foods restaurant in Capitola - it's a fabulous place with
> extropy-enhancing foods (no sushi)
> http://dharmaland.com/restaurant/index.html.  I have a 7-pass van so 
> we can
> carpool from South Bay.
> What do you need?
> 3 1/2 dollars for reservation per person + car share (total cost per 
> car
> ~$30)
> Wetsuit, snorkel, fins, good googles, oops goggles, (you can rent those
> things at diving shops around)
> Competent swimming ability - the snorkeling is at most 150 yards from 
> the
> shore on the reef, but we may have to swim as much as 700 yards to get 
> there
> from the beach, and this is in the ocean not in a swimming pool.  In 
> short,
> you need to be able to swim a mile or so, without getting tired.  You 
> don't
> really need to have snorkeled before, if you swim well, snorkeling is 
> easy.
> Let me know if you want to join, serious only, if there is more than 
> one
> person, I will reflect to everybody so you can form teams.  ASAP 
> before the
> reservations run out.
> Thank you,
> Mark Galecki
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