[Exi-bay-announce] calorie restriction gathering next tuesday, orinda

Mike Linksvayer ml at gondwanaland.com
Fri Jun 25 17:08:05 UTC 2004

I believe there are a few others on this list practicing CR and not
on the CR mailing list (high volume -- I recommend <http://bestofcr.com/>
instead).  If you're interested in attending contact
<warren.taylor at earthlink.net>.


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Date:         Wed, 23 Jun 2004 15:58:26 -0700
From: Warren Taylor <warren.taylor at earthlink.net>
Subject:      [CR] Calling Again -- All Northern Californians -- Meeting Soon!

Wonderful News for N. Californians:  We are meeting!

We have a private home to meet, offered by a CR volunteer.

Date:    Tuesday 29 June 2004
Time:    6:00 PM  to  8:00 PM
Place:   Orinda (Easy Access)

Details: Contact me Warren, privately off-list.

Ten (10) of us have signed up to come so far.  However ...
there are at least THIRTY (30) N. Calif CRFolks whose
names, emails, and addresses are on the CR roles.
So please be sure to make contact!

The host has stated that if we have to *LURE* you to come
out with tantalizing treats, then we will bribe you
"Hansel and Gretel" style -- with tempting fresh-picked
California berries and fruits:

 --  Calif Raspberries  (Fresh picked)
 --  Calif Blackberries (Fresh picked)
 --  Calif Apricots     (Fresh picked)
 --  Calif Plums        (Fresh picked)

**** Yes, these will be available ****

But the greatest temptation of all may be for computer friends.
There will be broadband Internet available with combo wired
and wireless high-speed Internet base-station connected via
cable modem, now being newly installed.  So you are obligated
to come out of courtesy -- to use and try out the new hookup.
It should be up and running.

So bring your laptop computers, ethernet cables, and wireless
PCI cards.   If you have a projector (LCD, DLP, or LCOS) to
shine pictures and movies on a wall or a screen, be sure to
bring that along with you too.  Maybe you can borrow a projector
from your company or boss?  Let me know.  Digital cameras and
camcorders are OK too.  Even film and analog are OK too.
Bring yourself & your equipment.

If those who can not attend wish to do Internet VOIP audio or
live video with our N. Calif group, we can hook you up and test
it out in advance.  Coordinate ahead please.

There is so much offered, that we should charge admission, but
of course we won't.  Hansel and Gretel got their gingerbread
for free, and are invited on the same basis.

The gingerbread does require you to make contact arrangements now
to attend.  So please make contact and get the instructions now.
It will be worth while -- even if you have to drive a bit.
These events are the greatest.  Please come!

-- Warren

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  Mike Linksvayer

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