[Exi-bay-announce] Extropian hike weekend of Aug 26-27...

Mark Galeck mark_galeck at pacbell.net
Mon Aug 14 00:44:08 UTC 2006

Hello,  we had a great time last weekend at Angel Island and I had
promised to try and have an extropian hike, so here we go...  Let's
increase our extropy and postpone a visit to the dewar, by hiking!  

I chose a random nice place in the Bay Area - turned out to be Marin
Headlands, and a random nice route, under 10 miles for general
population.  That would be about 7 hours total, drive over there from
South Bay, hike, drive back, but the details are of course to be
adjusted.  If you are interested, tell me your day preference - Sat 26th
or Sun 27th, and hours (Sunday I can only do afternoon).  We'll take it
easy of course and adjust the speed to the slowest person.  

Or if nobody likes that random place, how about another random nice
place - Stevens Creek County Park?  That would be much shorter in
duration.  Tell me if you prefer  that.  


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