[Exi-bay-announce] how about a bike ride

Mark Galeck mark_galeck at pacbell.net
Thu Aug 31 11:55:54 UTC 2006

Hi, the extropian hike this past weekend did not reach much audience,
perhaps it was over the Golden Bridge and extropians like to stay safe
and not cross large bodies of water...  In fact, just two people.  Or,
so I heard, biking may be more popular.  So, let's try Outing revision
2.0, how about a bike ride in South Bay?   
So, a random bike ride in a random nice place, yields... an 11 mile ride
in Long Ridge Open Space Preserve and Upper Stevens Creek County Park.
It is not difficult, there are only two biking climbs, one 200 feet, the
other 400 feet, and of course we will take it easy and conform to the
slowest person.  Since we'll be going slow, you don't need a real
mountain bike, just something other than a real specialty road bike with
narrow tires.  There will also be a hiking-section, 2.5 miles, it's a
hiking trail so we'll push the bikes and that's a good thing because it
is mostly uphill, 600 feet up.  
I am (still) open this Saturday after 10am, all Sunday, Monday after
11am, Sep 9 after 11am, all of Sep 10.  We better get started by 3pm at
the latest, other than that it's your choice or time and date.  Let me
know if you are interested, we'll iron out carpooling, or you can show
up there, the trailhead is near Saratoga Gap, less than half-an-hour
drive from most places where extropians live :)  
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