[Exi-bay-announce] Oct 30 - Richard Dawkins In conversation with Roy Eisenhardt

Fred C. Moulton moulton at moulton.com
Mon Oct 2 02:08:35 UTC 2006

I have already bought my ticket and it appears to be more that half sold
so if people want to attend they should get their tickets ASAP.

Richard Dawkins - 10/30/2006, 8:00 pm 
Special Event
Richard Dawkins In conversation with Roy Eisenhardt
Monday, October 30, 2006
at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, CA.

I expect that the discussion will focus on The God Delusion which is the
most recent book by Richard Dawkins.  The talk is part of the City Arts
http://www.cityarts.net/ program.

I have just received a copy of The God Delusion and have read the first
chapter.  I expect the arguments which Dawkins makes about the nature of
religion and for atheism will be in general familiar to every one on
this list.  However in the first chapter I think Dawkins does a really
good job of discussing the term "religion" and how it is often misused.
Also Dawkins does an excellent job of explaining Einstein's use of the
term and how many theists misquote or selectively quote Einstein in an
effort to make him appear to be a theist.

If you can not make the event in San Francisco then you might be able to
hear a rebroadcast on radio http://www.cityarts.net/radio.html.

Dawkins will also be at Keplers in Menlo Park on Oct 29 see:


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