[Exi-bay-announce] Extropian Halloween parties?

Jones, Spike spike.jones at lmco.com
Fri Oct 27 17:14:27 UTC 2006

Where did we leave off on the feedbag meeting with Amara et.al. and the
Dawkins book signing?  I have been away on business all week so I lost
the thread.  We were talking about meeting on Sunday the 29th?  Or
Monday the 30th?  At a Mexican place across the street from the
bookstore?  If anyone has the details please post the proposed time and
place along with street addresses of the bookstore and the restaurant.
I apologize for not being more organized on this, had an unexpected trip
to the east all week, might hafta go back again next week, in which case
Monday evening is iffy for me but Sunday is wide open.  {8-[

Also please hit reply all so I get the messages at my home.  I only get
ExI-bay at the office, thanks.


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Subject: [Exi-bay-announce] Extropian Halloween parties?

Dear Extropes,

I'll be in the US, in particular, Southern California, for 3/4 of
October and the early part of November, in part to attend the DPS (*).
In order to make preparations for a small trip to the Bay Area to see my
sister and friends (you), ...

Thanks in advance for any news!



Amara Graps, PhD      www.amara.com

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