[Exi-bay-chat] lost souls

Jones, Spike spike.jones at lmco.com
Wed May 19 20:54:44 UTC 2004

Perhaps reason at exratio.com is the same reason that
hangs out on the main extrolist.

Cool, how does one get an email @ that ends in
@extropian.net?  I want one.  {8-]  Does the 
Extro Institute ExI own that?  Magos?  Can 
the owner sell @extropian.net @s?  How much?  spike

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The list bot has deleted the following addresses for excessive bouncing.
Do you recognize any of them?  Have they moved?

tracshoe at pacbell.net
panini at pacbell.net
rubin at altavista.net
loochv3 at netscape.net
reason at exratio.com
DerMond at aol.com
magos at extropian.net
lostgods at aol.com
marc at mtjeff.com

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