[Exi-bay-chat] Offer: "Truck-load" of computer hardware (Castro Valley) (fwd)

Anton Sherwood bronto at pobox.com
Sun Oct 10 20:50:58 UTC 2004

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Subject: Offer: "Truck-load" of computer hardware (Castro Valley)
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 12:02:39 -0700
From: Chris Weiss <cweiss at casadelove.com>
To: FreecycleEastSFBayArea at yahoogroups.com

Fall cleaning time - all my old computer gear must go. I've not used
these in a long time (exceptions noted below), so it's all "as-is" and
YOU MUST TAKE ALL OF IT! My schedule is insane lately and I dont have
the free time to be parting things out. There's gotta be close to 9
cubic feet of stuff here, so you'll need a free trunk and backseat to
hold it all.

The hardware is located in Castro Valley

The list is pretty accurate - there'll likely be more items as I find

5 PC keyboards (ps/2 & old-school D connector and one wireless)
1 keyboard drawer (new in box)
1 Intel Pro 10/100 network print server
9 video cards including PCI, AGP, & even 1 EISA (ASUS, Radeon, S3, one
Mac Radeon)
4 10/100 Network cards (PCI & 1 ISA - Netgear & Intel)
1 ATA100 Promise PCI card (not RAID)
4 ISA modem cards
11 sound cards - PCI & ISA - Creative Labs, Aureal
4 SCSI cards (3 PCI, 1 ISA - SCSI1/SCSI2/SCSIUW)
6 printer cables, 2 SCSI cables
Linksys 8 port hub, missing adapter
Wang 13" color monitor
ISA motherboard w/486 DX4/120 CPU
ISA motherboard w/AMD K6/233 CPU
4 power supplies - untested
6 mice (PS2 & USB)
1 CueCat scanner
4 USB card readers (2 external CF, 2 multi-format internal floppy bay mount)
UMAX SCSI flatbed scanner
dozens of sticks of 32pin and 72pin SIMMs
AMD Athalon 1ghz CPU
AMD K6/2 333mhz CPU
Intel Celeron 300a slot 1 CPU
Handful of USB cables
Several handfuls of drive cables
Handful of power cables
Box of CPU coolers/fans
PCs - all were powered up to verify CPU speed and RAM:
tower - no motherboard, 250watt P/S
minitower - AMD K6/2 500 PCI/ISA 250watt P/S
desktop - AMD K6/2 350 128mb RAM PCI/ISA unknown P/S
minitower - P200 MMX 128mb RAM PCI/ISA 250watt P/S
minitower - P150 8mb RAM PCI/ISA unknown P/S
minitower - p150 128mb RAM PCI/ISA 250watt P/S
tower - P133 32mb RAM PCI/ISA 250watt P/S
13 hard drives from 650mb to 30gb including 2 SCSI
1 CD-ROM drive
1 CD-R/W drive (Plextor!)
1 DVD drive (old Creative Labs 1st gen)
Everex Tempo LX Laptop (cannot read HD)
Canon BJ-10e portable printer (untested)
Sharp Wireless Mouse Control System (untested)
3Com Audrey

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