[Exi-bay-chat] OT: Fwd: Great America 2006 pass -- buy now, pay nothing until March

Kennita Watson kennita at kennita.com
Thu Dec 22 01:14:24 UTC 2005

Hi folks -- I've already bought a 2006 Season Pass.
I'd love to have some people from my various
affinity groups to go to the park with sometimes,
and this looks like a good deal.  I figure I'll get
my value out of going to see the IMAX films and
weekend fireworks if nothing else.

Hurray for roller coasters and other shiny stuff!

Begin forwarded message:

> From: "Paramount's Great America" <paramount at paramountparks.net>
> Date: December 21, 2005 5:10:20 AM PST
> To: Kennita Watson <kennita at kennita.com>
> Subject: VIP pass holiday sale ends Dec 31: buy now, pay nothing  
> until March
> This is your last chance to buy 2006 season passes at our low  
> holiday sale price and pay nothing until March!
> Visit the Great America web site to learn more about this limited- 
> time offer
> Lock in our early-bird fall price without spending a dime until  
> March 2006.
> You will never find lower prices on 2005 VIP Passes than through  
> this special offer.
> You'll get instant access to a printable holiday certificate  
> suitable for gift giving.
> No interest, no extra charges, and no special fees for postponing  
> payment.
> Buy your 2005 VIP passes today and you'll pay the lowest price  
> (it's guaranteed never to be lower) AND we won't charge your credit  
> card until March. There are no interest charges and no special fees  
> to participate..
> This offer expires December 31 -- order today for the very best  
> deal on 2005 passes
> Great America VIP Pass holders can visit the park as many times as  
> they want from March until October PLUS they get a variety of  
> special passholder-only park privileges including free admission to  
> Bonfante Gardens, free parking and discounts on food and beverages  
> at Great America, and early access to Boomerang Bay Beach Club  
> select days!!
> If you are planning to buy yourself or your family season passes  
> for 2006,
> you will never find a better deal than through this special early- 
> bird offer.
> This special offer will expire on December 31, 2005. If the links  
> above do not work, visit:
> <http://www.pgathrills.com/PREORDER>

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