[Exi-bay-chat] Planning for 2/13 sushi-fest/Eliezer-welcome-fest

Jones, Spike spike.jones at lmco.com
Mon Jan 31 18:37:28 UTC 2005

Ja I have been to Masas,ja it is good.

We might want to consider all our options.  Sometime
this spring I want to host a schmooze at my house in
Milpitas, but no firm plans on when that will take
place.  Last year we did it right after the Foresight
schmooze.  I will look around for a place that offers
stuff for us sushi whores, plus other non-fishy viands.


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--- "Eliezer S. Yudkowsky" <sentience at pobox.com>
> Also, Spike, I hate to say this, but I've always
> avoided sushi, so far, 
> because of concerns about raw fish.  Maybe I would
> eat irradiated sushi.

There exist sushi w/no fish...

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