[Exi-bay-chat] Re: Authenticity, extropy, libertarianism, and history

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Wed Jul 13 18:52:43 UTC 2005

I think one of the problems in communication is not everyone is on the same
timeline and while one person may think that his email should be priority,
the other person may have other priorities to tend to.  We need to be
careful about our demands of others and careful not to over impose our own
needs just because we want our answers now and in the manner we want them.  

Civility is essential and getting to the facts of a situation is more aptly
arrived at through consideration, tact, and deference.

Perry stated:

>I will state, unequivocally, that your own message on this has not 
>been ambiguous and uninformative in the same way, and perhaps reflects 
>a genuine viewpoint about the history of the term "Extropian", albeit 
>one which I and many others do not share.

I did not think I had to defend Max, as I knew that he would respond to you
himself when he was able to.  

Further, it is not a matter of being what you call indirect or as you say -
“coy”, it is a matter of not wanting to be in the middle of your
battlefield, one which I sensed would only get more fueled by anything I
would say because in the end, it was not me you addressed, it was Max.  No
matter how I would have answered you, the volume of your posts would
increase until I would finally unplug. One thing that strikes me as
conflicting is that you stated that you don’t read the newsletter, go to
the events, and know about what goes on at ExI, etc. et al; yet feel
justified in making accusations.  

I think that the issue is an important one, and one which take more time
and thought that a number of erratic emails full of accusations and blame
going back and forth.  I believe that you are wrong in the way you
approached me by attacking me, wrong in you assessment of my involvement
with the Webcast, and wrong about why I did not respond to you (accusing me
of claiming liable – something that is not mediation and quite

One thing I am sure of is that in all cases no one is perfectly correct and
no one is entirely wrong. We all need better communication with civility in
hopes of finding resolve.

If anyone would like to discuss this with me, I am available for a
conference call with the Board of ExI.  But it's probably best to do this
over the weekend or after August 1st.  The number is 512.263.2749; but
email me first so that I can calendar a teleconference with others.

My best to all,


Natasha Vita-More

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