[Exi-bay-chat] FW: Ice Age II?

Mark Galeck mark_galeck at pacbell.net
Sat Apr 29 15:08:35 UTC 2006

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From: Hogg, Tad Henry [mailto:tad.hogg at hp.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2006 9:43 AM
To: Freeman, Tim; Mark Galeck; Eleanor Rieffel; Chen, Kay-Yut; Stephanie
Subject: Ice Age II?

With interesting animations outweighing lackluster plot, I'll probably see
the new Ice Age movie in the next few weeks -- before or after a mid-April
conference on microfluidics at UCLA. 

If you're interested too, let me know your date preferences. Kids welcome


The plan is an early afternoon showing (close to 1pm) at the Shoreline
Century theater this Sunday, April 30. Followed, as usual, by Fresh Choice
brunch. I'll check the exact show time later in the week. If you let me know
the relevant extropian/alcor email list these announcements should go to,
I'll be happy to post it -- or you can forward this.

I checked the show times for Sunday at the Mtn View Century 16 on Shoreline
-- the Ice Age showing at 1:50pm looks best. So let's meet outside by the
ticket booths around 1:30.

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