[Exi-bay-chat] [Exi-bay-announce] Cafe Scientifique at SRI: Schneider: The Science of Global Warming

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Mon Feb 11 21:07:06 UTC 2008

Moving this off the -announce list...

--- Greg Dougherty <gregd at molecularsoftware.com> wrote:
> Is he pro-nuclear power?
> Because that's my filter for the subject.  No one who claims to
> believe 
> in anthropogenic global warming, and who claims it's a big deal, but
> who 
> is NOT in favor of nuclear power, is obviously lying about their
> beliefs.

I think you mean "Any one who...".

Also, it is possible - likely, even - that such a person would simply
not have thoroughly considered the inherent contradictions in said
positions, or might be reasoning on false data (like, say, believing
that nuclear power plants have a MUCH higher accident risk than they
truly do, and that the reason we don't hear about them much is because
almost all of them have been shut down now - which is factually
incorrect, but without correct data to reason from in the first

As to the talk itself: the title suggests that it's a recap of the data
from "An Inconvenient Truth", and an overview of the prospects for
(mostly, maybe entirely, American) policy change needed to defeat the
problems thus pointed out.  Even I can sum up the latter of that:
practically nil until Bush and Cheney are out of office (one way or
another), and after that it depends in large part on how effective
whoever becomes President is at getting the entrenched oil interests
out of policymaking (a task that any of Clinton, McCain, or Obama could
excel at or fail miserably at, with roughly equal odds given the data
available at this time; I'd give Obama *slightly* better odds of
success, but by a margin that's well within the potential for
subjective error).  I am uncertain what further useful data could be
acquired at the talk.  (Such is the downside of keeping enough of an
open ear to be informed of such things.)  Of course, there is the
chance for networking.

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