[Exi-east] Gathering

David Lubkin exi-east at unreasonable.com
Thu Dec 11 23:05:41 UTC 2003

At 12:14 PM 12/11/2003 -0500, Simon Levy wrote:

>This is great timing, David:  I am planning on being in Stow, MA from
>around Dec 22-27.

I just noticed that you'd moved south.  When did that happen?

>So if y'all can fit a gathering into that time frame, I'm there!  I like 
>the gathering-at-home idea, for the same reasons as David.

You're the first to mention a date constraint.  Does anyone else have a 

I suggest Thu 12/25 after 2 pm, Fri 12/26, or Sat 12/27.

We could optionally extend the invite to the sort of characters (Alcor 
members, sf writers, libertarians) I had at my summer party, or we could 
keep it limited to extropians.

>If anyone's interested in playing Old Time / folk music at the
>gathering, let me know, and I'll bring my fiddle.

Definitely bring an instrument.  I can certainly play Tom Lehrer (I 
nominate his music for Newtonmas carols) and can probably accompany you 
with one of my guitars.  Still haven't gotten the vintage banjo fixed.

-- David.

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