[Exi-east] speaking of parties...

Perry E. Metzger perry at piermont.com
Wed Aug 25 20:12:13 UTC 2004

Picking up a thread from two weeks ago...

Steve Witham <sw at tiac.net> writes:
> And Simon Levy <levys at wlu.edu> rejoined:
>>Yeah... I'm arriving LaGuardia dinner time [Fri] Sep 17, in Connecticut eve
>>[Sat] Sep 18, back in NYC [Sun] Sep 19, leave LaGuardia that evening.
>>Can we gather that weekend?
> I can make it when Simon can (going to the same CT event Sat 9/18).

Okay, so this means that if we're doing dinner, Friday night the 17th
would have to be it. Saturday or Sunday would seem to only work for

Anyone have any preference between dinner Friday the 17th, brunch
Saturday the 18th and brunch Sunday the 19th?


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