[Exi-east] Belated Nashua followup: Haystack

Steve Witham sw at tiac.net
Wed Mar 3 18:54:12 UTC 2004

At the Nashua party I promised to provide a reference to an
interesting project I had seen on the net.  Then I went home and I
couldn't find it.  Today I was organizing my bookmarks and voila...

         Haystack is a tool designed to let every individual manage
         all of their information in the way that makes the most
         sense to them. By removing the arbitrary barriers created by
         applications only handling certain information "types", and
         recording only a fixed set of relationships defined by the
         developer, we aim to let users define whichever arrangements
         of, connections between, and views of information they find
         most effective. Such personalization of information
         management will dramatically improve each individual's
         ability to find what they need when they need it.


You all remember the joke, "Sometimes I couldn't find my head if it
weren't attached to my shoulders."  A cautionary and recursive fable
for extropians: the boy who misplaced his memory enhancers.


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