[Exi-east] A party, at last

David Lubkin exi-east at unreasonable.com
Mon Jun 5 02:05:51 UTC 2006

Somehow I managed to not have a quarterly party last year. With a 
birthday coming up that is a round number in both hex and octal, it's 
about frinking time. My version of Sasha's old gatherings.

If you are going to be in the Boston area, you're welcome to attend. 
There's crash-space here, if you need it. You may be able to get a 
ride from NYC or other parts south; use the exi-east list or me to coordinate.

If you're not around but coming to town in the future, let us know. 
We can usually lure a quorum of Bostropians.

My house. Hudson, New Hampshire. A couple miles from the MA border 
and the Nashua malls. Roughly 20 minutes north of Rt. 128.

Saturday, June 24. 2 PM until the last person not me leaves. OK to 
arrive late if you have other commitments; most everyone will still be here.

Anyone on this list is specifically invited. If you have someone else 
in mind, run it by me. It will probably be okay, whether you're able 
to come or not. Additionally, I will invite a few friends-of-extropy, 
such as sf writer, nano, LP, MIT, Alcor types.

Bring to augment existing: food, drink; musical instruments; 
interesting stuff to show people. We'll order Chinese food at some point.

RSVP to me and the exi-east list.

-- David Lubkin.

	lubkin at unreasonable.com

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