[Exi-east] Extropian party on October 21

Simon Levy levys at wlu.edu
Mon Oct 9 16:53:35 UTC 2006


Thanks!  As usual I won't be able to make the trip, but I'll be there in
spirit (or whatever the Extropian equivalent is).  

- Simon

On Sun, 2006-10-08 at 20:40 -0400, David Lubkin wrote:
> Another party coming up.
> If you are going to be in the Boston area, you're welcome to attend. 
> There's crash-space here, if you need it. You may be able to get a 
> ride from NYC or other parts south; ask me if you need assist.
> My house. Hudson, New Hampshire. A couple miles from the MA border 
> and the Nashua malls. Roughly 20 minutes north of Rt. 128.
> Saturday, October 21. 2 PM until the last person not me leaves. OK to 
> arrive late if you have other commitments; most everyone will still be here.
> Anyone on this list is specifically invited. If you have someone else 
> in mind, run it by me. It will probably be okay, whether you're able 
> to come or not. I also invite friends-of-extropy, such as sf writers, 
> nano, LP, MIT, Alcor types.
> Bring to augment existing: food, drink; musical instruments; 
> interesting stuff to show people. We'll order Chinese food at some point.
> The next two parties will be January 20 and April 21.We'll wiggle the 
> dates further as needed. If you are interested in attending either of 
> these, let me know as your other commitments make one weekend in 
> those vicinities better or worse than another.
> If you're not around but coming to town in the future, let us know. 
> We can usually lure a quorum of Bostropians.
> -- David Lubkin.
> 	lubkin at unreasonable.com
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