[Exi-east] Upcoming party and future dates

David Lubkin exi-east at unreasonable.com
Thu Oct 25 14:21:19 UTC 2007

My next party will be on Saturday, November 10, starting at 2 pm. 
Please RSVP if you intend to attend, aren't sure yet, or have come in 
the past but can't this time. (You're also welcome to just show up if 
your plans change.)

Whether you can attend this one or not, if you live in or near New 
England or expect to be here at some point next year, please let me 
know which of the 2008 alternate dates work better for you. The 
actual quarterly dates are chosen to best accommodate folks, 
particularly someone who's rarely in the Boston vicinity.

Winter		Jan 26 or Feb 2
Spring		Apr 12 or May 3
Summer	Jul 26 or Aug 2
Fall		Oct 18 or Oct 25

Parties are at my house in southern New Hampshire, on a Saturday, 
from around 2 pm on. A couple miles from the MA border and the Nashua 
malls. Roughly 20 minutes north of Rt. 128.

Some people have other commitments and arrive late. We've 
traditionally gotten a massive Chinese take-out order and split the 
bill; last time we went out to the excellent Korean sushi restaurant 
down the road. Most people leave around 9 or 10; there tend to be a 
few staying to 1 am or so.

Attendees are all smart, with a broad range of interests and an open 
mind. Extropians, libertarians, sf writers, denizens of uber-IQ 
groups, Alcor, MIT types, etc.

There's usually a ride available for someone car-less, and we've had 
groups drive up from places like NYC. If you're looking thinking 
about coming from aways and want a ride, or have wheels but want 
scintillating company and gas money, let me know.

Bring to augment existing: food, drink; musical instruments; 
interesting stuff to show people. I will have a few boxes of 
duplicate books or journals from my 13-ton library to give away; feel 
free to bring similar items.

The summer party is outdoors, extending the invitation to kids and 
dogs. (But cerebral kids who'd want to participate in the regular 
gusher of conversation are welcome at any of the parties.)

Anyone on this list is specifically invited. If you have someone else 
in mind, run it by me. It will probably be okay. Also, if you can't 
come but have a friend near here who you think would fit right in, 
tell me about them.

And if you're going to be around here non-adjacent to a party, give a 
holler. I can probably rustle up a coterie for dinner.

-- David.

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