[Exi-east] Ten years of DC Transhumanists

Keith F. Lynch kfl at KeithLynch.net
Thu Jan 24 02:51:42 UTC 2008

Friday, January 23, 1998, ten years ago today, the group now known as
DC Transhumanists first met, at an apartment on Connecticut Avenue
Northwest in Washington, DC.

We got our current name in September of that year.

Since February of 2001, we've met at the Hamburger Hamlet in Crystal
City, Arlington, Virginia.  Since December of 2001, we've met at 7 pm
on the first Thursday of every third month (March, June, September,
and December -- months with a solstice or equinox in them).

Turnout has been fairly low in recent years.  Is this due to general
lack of interest?  Or would a different time or location (in the DC
area, of course) be more convenient for some of you?

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