[Exi-east] DCT/Extropian dinner Thursday, December 6, and another event

Keith F. Lynch kfl at KeithLynch.net
Sat Dec 1 01:03:48 UTC 2012

The DC Transhumanists will be meeting for dinner and discussion this
Thursday, December 6, 2012, at 7:00 PM, at our usual meeting place,
the Hamburger Hamlet in Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia.  At the
restaurant, look for a small sign displaying 'DCT' at the table where
we are seated, or, if it's only a little past 7:00, on the bench right
outside the restaurant.  It is not necessary to RSVP.

After the restaurant closes, the meeting may move for a while to the
tables in the main corridor of the underground shops area, about 150
feet from Hamburger Hamlet along the corridor which leads back towards
the Metro entrance, and go on until about 11 pm.

The Hamburger Hamlet is accessible from the Crystal City Metro station
(on the Blue and Yellow lines) without going outdoors.  At the top of
the first escalator leading up from the Metro station fare gates (the
second escalator goes to the outdoors), turn right into the Crystal
City Shops North, and walk to the Hamburger Hamlet (about a 3 minute
walk), winding along the main corridor of the underground shopping
mall.  It's hard to get lost, because the side corridors are short
dead ends.  There are a few stairsteps in the main corridor.  If
you are walking through a corridor which is not lined with shops
and restaurants, you probably made a wrong turn at the top of the
escalator, and you need to go back to the escalator and enter the
Crystal City Shops North.  There are usually some small brochures at
the information desk just inside the entrance to the Crystal City
Shops North, which include a map of the Crystal City Shops.

The Hamburger Hamlet is located in the Crystal City underground,
in the Crystal City Shops North, and the restaurant is directly
accessible by surface road on Crystal Drive, almost directly across
the street from the Water Park on Crystal Drive.  The Hamburger Hamlet
is just inside the doorway, on the right.  There are some metered
parking spaces along Crystal Drive in that vicinity, and the
underground parking is free after 4 pm.

Driving directions can be found at

Also of interest, the following evening Robin Hanson is giving a free
talk in DC on "Whole Brain Emulation:  Envisioning Economies And
Societies of Emulated Minds."  See http://philsoc.org/

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