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Alberto Juaristi Mendicute fdck34 at yahoo.es
Sat Sep 10 10:41:05 UTC 2005

             Donostia-San sebastián, 10-09-2005
                      My name is Alberto Juaristi. I am from Donostia-San Sebastían.
              I began in the worl of the transhumanism without to be conscious of it, while I wrote my novel "Twenty Fifty", an utopia about postbiological humanity and self-evolution systems. Later, by means of Internet, I knew the existance of transhumanist organizations, like Extropy Institute, Fastra, etc.
              I will begin reading your mail, and later, when I consider suitable, will take part in the chat.
              Best wishes
                                               Alberto Juaristi
           Pd.: I am sorry if some incorret use of the English.


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