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Sun Jul 25 18:45:31 UTC 2004


This is a last call for submitting your videos to the TransVision 2004 
Conference Saturday Night Screening after Stelarc's presentation.  Here is 
a partial list of films/videos to be screened:

Future Watch Featuring FM-2030, Produced by CNN, USA (00.10 min.)
         FM talks about Are You A Transhuman?

E V O, produced and directed by  Oliver Hockenhull  (00.77 min.)
         "Hockenhull's searching, absorbing, visually arresting exploration 
of and reflection on the history     and future of evolutionary theory"

Electronic Sheep, Produced and Directed by Draves, Scott (00:09 min.)
         Screen-saver animating and evolving artificial life-forms.

Synthetic Pleasures, Director - Iara Lee, Producer - George Gund, 
Caipirinha Productions (00:60 min)
         Theatrical Release, feature film Featuring Max More

Thus Spoke Posthuman, Director Chris Spencer,  Producer BBC, England (00.8 
         Performance by Natasha Vita-More

Science of Beauty,  Producer, Wall to Wall Television, Ltd., London, 
England (00:30 min.)
         Film takes a look at the meaning of 21st Century beauty

Primo Posthuman, City TV, Director, Director David Giddens, Toronto, 
Canada     (00:10 min.)

Timothy Leary's Last Talk, Producer Natasha Vita-More and EZTV, Los Angeles 
(00:30 min.)
         Timothy Leary, two months before his death, talks about the past 
and the future

Precipice, Produced and Directed by Elisabeth James and Elizabeth 
Witham        (00:20 min.)
         President Bush's Bioethics Committee member (Hurlburt) in debate with
         transhumanists (de Gray and Vita-More) Stanford University

Immortality on Ice, Produced by Discovery Channel, USA (00:60 min.)
         A look at cryonics and the future


If you have a video and would like to screen it, please email me.


Natasha Vita-More


Natasha Vita-More
President, Extropy Institute  http://www.extropy.org
Founder, Transhumanist Arts & Culture  http://www.transhumanist.biz
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