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CONTACT: Robert A. Daye, Jr, 321-676-3690, robert at terasemweb.org


Public Access Welcome Via Conference Call Line

8:30AM to 5:30PM EDT, Saturday December 10th, 2005December 8, 2005, Space
Coast, Florida --  The Terasem Movement announced today that it will sponsor
a toll-free conference call dial-in line for public participation in the 1st
Colloquium on the Law of Transhuman Persons, to be held December 10, 2005.
The pioneering meeting of legal and artificial intelligence experts is being
held in Space Coast, Florida in honor of International Human Rights Day.

"We encourage interested people to call in to listen or ask questions," said
Bina Aspen, Project Director.  "All of the expert presentations will be
audiocast over the conference call line, and after each one, we will open
the phone lines for questions."

To participate in the Colloquium, phone 1-800-500-0311 (U.S. callers) or
1-719-457-2698 (international callers).  To view the program for the
Colloquium, visit http://www.transhumanlaw.org/program.htm.

The Terasem Movement defines "transhumans" as conscious entities who have or
who aspire to have human rights, regardless of being of flesh, electronics
or a bioelectronic combination.  The legal status of transhumans is believed
to be an impending fundamental issue for society.

About the Terasem Movement

The Terasem Movement, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity endowed
for the purpose of educating the public on the practicality and necessity of
greatly extending human life, consistent with diversity and unity, via
geoethical nanotechnology and personal cyberconsciousness.

The Terasem Movement accomplishes its objectives by convening publicly
accessible symposia, publishing explanatory analyses, conducting
demonstration projects, issuing grants and encouraging public belief in a
positive technologically-based future.

For more information, please visit http://terasemfoundation.org.

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If you draw a circle in the sand and study only what's inside the circle, 
then that is a closed-system perspective. If you study what is inside the 
circle and everything outside the circle, then that is an open system 
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