[Exi-la] Book Prize: ROBOTS Book Receives Award (Prix)

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Tue Nov 29 15:41:21 UTC 2005

2005 Livre Prix - ROBOTS

French author Daniel Ichbiah has received the French 2005 Prix for Robots, 
his recent book on technology and the future.

This is timely for all of us because the book focuses on the evolution of 
technology and the coalescences of humanity and technology while 
illustrating the many benefits of dynamic technology.  The final chapter of 
the book titled "Les Robots du Futur" covers technology and the future of 
the human body.

This chapter also features my design "Primo Posthuman" 
http://www.natasha.cc/primo.htm in a full four-page spread of images and my 
ideas about the challenges of the future, society's ability to adapt to the 
massive changes ahead, transhumans and posthumans, and the history and 
future of transhumanism.

Also covered in this chapter are nanorobots, and the works of Takao Someya 
of Japan, Frederic Kaplan of Sony in Paris, Dr. Haipeng Xie of the 
University of Guelph,  Dr. Hod Lipson of Cornell University, and Prof. 
Kevin Warwick of the University of Reading.

Robots is a truly visionary and well written expose of the emergence of 
technology and robotics.


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