[Exi-la] Futures Podcast Series

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Thu Oct 20 17:53:20 UTC 2005

Future Thinkers,

I am hosting a new podcast http://www.natasha.cc/futures.htm

This podcast is originating out of the University of Houston's Future 
Studies program http://www.wired.com/news/print/0,1294,69087,00.html

I am looking for talented, original, ground-breaking, fun-filled ideas 
about the future to air on the net.  I value your organizations and your 
own ideas and would like to open the virtual mic to those of you who have 
something to say and need another venue to say it.

Send your topic suggestion to me:

Name _____________________
Organization or Affiliation  _______________
SuggestedTopic _____________________

I hope to hear from you -


Cultural Strategist - Designer

If you draw a circle in the sand and study only what's inside the circle, 
then that is a closed-system perspective. If you study what is inside the 
circle and everything outside the circle, then that is an open system 
Buckminster Fuller

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