[extropy-chat] HB 2637 HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN

Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 2 15:02:26 UTC 2004

--- "Stephen J. Van Sickle" <sjvans at ameritech.net> wrote:
> See:
> http://alcor.org/Library/html/legislation20040401.html

This is the sort of proof of what I've been talking about for a while
WRT the greater transhumanist agenda: that active political engagement,
as Alcor has done, can reap benefits and that we are quite capable of
confronting and defeating the luddite activists. 

Transhumanists need to get over their quaint 1990's idea that
government is obsolete. It may be antiquated, faulty, corrupt,
diseased, and in need of hauling down, but so long as it is capable of
stymying our agenda, it is not obsolete.

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