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Here is a conference that artists and creative innovators might want to get
involved with:




Deadline: May 14th, 2004 

The New Forms Festival is an annual event highlighting emerging forms at
the junction of art, culture and technology. It includes performances,
panel discussions, workshops, and interactive exhibits on contemporary
Media Arts issues. The NFF environment encourages new forms of Media Art to
be created, experienced, and understood. NFF04 will be held in Vancouver,
BC, from October 14 to 28, 2004. The theme is TECHNOGRAPHY: the inscription
of culture in technology. 

NFF04: TECHNOGRAPHY is a forum to explore and embody these  inscriptions in
the form of artistic expression and discourse. 

NFF04: TECHNOGRAPHY looks at the ways in which cultures inhabit and 
transform media spaces and technologies. 

NFF04:TECHNOGRAPHY will bring together practitioners and theorists from
across grassroots, gallery academy and academic contexts and 
provide a platform for conversations among the diverse voices of 
contemporary digital regionalism. 

NFF04: TECHNOGRAPHY programming incorporates the principles found within an
ecological model of the cultural sphere: complexity, variety and balance.
Like nature, culture is also a changing phenomenon, affected by the ways in
which technology inhabits the environment and relates to it. 

Call for proposals for projects, presentations and performances: 
Proposals are invited for four areas of the festival: the Conference, the
Exhibition (digital art, performance, installation, immersive environments,
Net.Art), Performance Series (sound art, performance art, live film/AV) and
Late Night Events (music, visuals, post-digital, laptop, group performance,

Gallery Exhibition/Events/Workshops: 
This year the Exhibition (Gallery and Net Art), Performance Series, and
Late Night Events will present a range of works that embody and interpret
the theme of TECHNOGRAPHY as defined above. 
For more details, see http://www.newformsfestival.com/


The NFF04 Conference, Old And New Forms , negotiates new global parameters
for contemporary media culture, as it charts a post-traditional
technography of world Media Arts. The post-traditional is what remains of
modernism and postmodernism when modernization is abandoned as an
unfinished and unachievable project. While the post-traditional view is
clearly meaningful in the post-colonial and developing spheres, Old And New
Forms posits that it is equally germane to the global post-industrial
scenario as a whole. For more details, see http://www.newformsfestival.com/

Artists, speakers and media artwork selected for The New Forms Festival
should manifest multiple themes, mediums, and modes of expression,
exploring a distinct genre.

NFF04 encourages works that fall into the following genres or 

Acoustic ecology 
Alternative narrative 
Artificial Reality 
Collaborative design 
Cultural Ecology
Culturally reflective computing 
Cyborg Fashion
Digital Animation 
Digital Regionalism 
Electronic Gaming 
Expanded Cinema 
Grassroots media culture 
Immersive Environments 
Indigenous media initiatives 
Interaction design 
Interface Design and Development 
Live club performance 
Mediated Movement 
Networked Art
Online communities 
Online Video
Poetics of technology and development 
Post-media or networked activism 
Post-traditional Theory 
Sacred art and digital technology 
Sound art
Sound Sculpture
Technology and embodiment 
Technology and the natural environment 
Telematic Performance 
Wireless and wearable computing 

Some genres explore collaborative and improvisational components or 
artworks, created for the festival. 

The festival encourages artworks that are process-oriented, continually
evolving and in transformation, which are facilitated through technological
and ideological means. 

Artists, scholars, developers and practitioners working in New Media Art
are invited to submit proposals for projects, performances, presentations,
papers and panels by May 14, 2004. 

Contact us only if there are concerns or difficulties concerning this call
or the submission form, at: 

New Forms Festival 2004 
Programming Committee 
Suite 200, 252 East 1st Avenue 
Vancouver, British Columbia 
CANADA V5T 1A6=20 
T: +1 604-648-2752=20 
F: +1 604-648-2754=20 
E: curatorial at newformsfestival.com or 
curatorial at newformsfestival.com 

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