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> > Police here can search homes without a search warrant to 
> > look for unregistered guns. If you protest, you get 10 years in the
> > slammer. Also we are not alowed to deffend our home with a gun.
> > 
> > -Rick-
> > Canada
> Gun ownership was banned in Australia, and crime rates have 
> risen by some 600 percent.  Britain has all but eradicated private 
> gun ownership, and crime figures there have skyrocketed also.
> People in both countries have taken to defending their homes 
> and themselves with clubs, baseball bats, and swords.  Now 
> Australia is seeking to curtail the use of swords in self-defense 
> of self, home and property.  

Have I ever said I'm not surprised? While crime is skyrocketing, in
spite of police jiggering of crime stats (like calling multiple
muggings on one night a single crime) in those countries, here in NH,
we have the lowest crime rates in the entire US. Our murder rate is
comparable to Switzerland, while our property crime rates are many
times lower than the rest of the industrialized nations.

As this is happening, we are now debating removing any requirement for
any sort of licensing to carry concealed weapons. SB 454 has passed the
NH State Senate and is now being debated in the House, where a similar
bill passed a few months ago. If SB 454 passes, NH will join Vermont
and Alaska in having the most liberalized gun laws in the world, while
at the same time having the lowest crime rates.

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