[extropy-chat] Re: Nano-assembler feasibility - politics

Chris Phoenix cphoenix at CRNano.org
Sat Apr 3 02:23:26 UTC 2004

Brett Paatsch wrote:
 > "squeaky wheels" .... True-believers .... bullshit ....
 > flunkies .... disciples .... bullshit .... bullshit.

Well, that's one way to end a conversation.  Sorry you couldn't think of 
anything better.

 > I am willing to stake and escrow ... US$1000, ... Are you willing
 > to do the same?

I had previously stated that I was willing to stake $1000.  But you 
appear to be saying you'll only take 50/50 odds against nanotech.  That 
would make your position that we shouldn't work on it look very weak.

I'm still interested in betting with other people.  I'd like to know 
what odds they'd like.  But there's obviously no grounds for respectful 
communication from you, so no, I will not bet with you.

Now I'm hoping you'll be mature enough to preserve your stated intention 
not to continue the conversation--it's annoying when abusive and 
foulmouthed people get the last word.


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