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Sat Apr 3 10:23:42 UTC 2004

The Transhumanity e-zine: news and views from the transhumanist community,
published by the World Transhumanist Association, has been upgraded to
version 2.0. It has a new very "sober" look, but the most important thing is
that Transhumanity is now using a brand new Content Management System (CMS):
Expression Engine, selected after a trade-off analysis of advanced CMS.
Running on Expression Engine, Transhumanity is now a community "superblog"
with a very rich set of features for collaborative authoring and editing.
While all members can post comments freely, at this time articles submitted
by readers are posted to the site only after having been approved by an
editor. At the same time, WTA members are encouraged to request direct
posting rights.
Of course the most important feature of a community e-zine is content: all
registered members are encouraged to post comments and submit new articles,
and new members are welcome.
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