[extropy-chat] ImmInst Update - Cryonics Legislation Withdrawn

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Sun Apr 4 05:34:31 UTC 2004

Immortality Institute ~ For Infinite Lifespans 
Ending the Blight of Involuntary Death 
Basic Members: 1381 - Full Members: 73 

Chat: Quantum Mechanics & Immortality
AI researcher and ImmInst Full Member, Allan F. Randall 
joins ImmInst to discuss how quantum mechanics may 
allow for the possibility of immortality. 
Chat - Sunday Apr 4 @ 8 PM Eastern 

AZ Cryonics Legislation Withdrawn
President of Alcor, Joe Waynick, thanks supporters 
by saying, "The grassroots support from our membership 
and supporters that poured out in such forceful torrents 
certainly put us on the map, if not only in the hearts and 
minds of the legislature. Thank you!"

Sociology of Transhumanism 
Admirable discussion between FutureHi.net 
founder, Paul Hughes (planetp) and ImmInst 
Director, Michael Anissimov. 

We are not living in a simulation 
Masters degree in applied physics from the 
Technical University of Delft and owner of 
Sturman Enterprises, Henry R. Sturman gives 
eight reasons why he thinks we are not living 
in a simulation. 

"Facing" Cryonics 
Up to 26 faces: http://www.imminst.org/facing_cryonics

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