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Please let me know if you are interested in attending and writing
*Transhumanist Perspective* paper and send to natasha at extropy.org, on any
one of these issues, stated below:

Peacebuilding & Development Institute 
American University, School of Int'l Service 

Washington, D.C. USA 

2004 Summer Peacebuilding & Development Institute 
American University 
Washington, D.C. USA 

The Peacebuilding and Development Summer Institute provides knowledge, 
practical experience and skills for practitioners, teachers and students 
involved in conflict resolution, peacebuilding, humanitarian assistance and 
development. The Summer Institute will focus on various approaches to 
mediation, negotiation, facilitation, reconciliation and dialogue, 
particularly in conflict-torn and developing regions. Participants will 
explore innovative methods of promoting cultural diversity with respect to 
public policy, community and religion, war and post-conflict environments, 
while expanding their knowledge and skills in a participatory and 
interactive learning environment. Participants in the Summer Institute will 
be exposed to leading national and international professionals in the
fields of public policy, peacebuilding and development. 

The summer 2003 Institute welcomed 106 participants from 26 countries. The 
participants came from varying backgrounds ranging from international 
agencies such as UNDP, CARE, USAID, UNHCR, oil companies, teachers, an 
official from a State police agency, to a representative from the American 
Bar Association, and small non-governmental organizations. They were joined 
by Master's degree students from the International Peace & Conflict 
Resolution division and the International Development division within the 
School of International Service. 

Three courses will be offered each week for tree weeks and participants
will have to choose one class each week. The courses are: 

Week I; 

Religion & Culture in Conflict Resolution, with Mohammed Abu -Nimer, 
Bridging Human Rights Conflict Resolution & Development with Diana Chigas, 
Political Negotiation in Latin America with Graciela (Gachi) Tapia 

Week II; 

Development in Conflict: Practical Approaches to Recovery with Kimberly 
Training for Trainers in Peacebuilding & Development with Mohammed 
Applied Conflict Analysis and Resolution with Ronald Fisher and Brian 

Week III; 

Gender & Peacebuilding in a Development Context with Julie Mertus, 
Positive Approaches to Peacebuilding & Development with Claudia Liebler, 
Arts Approaches to Peacebuilding with Babu Ayindo. 

Thank you,

Natasha Vita-More
President, Extropy Institute

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