[extropy-chat] TECH: lithography progress

Dan Clemmensen dgc at cox.net
Tue Apr 6 20:27:38 UTC 2004

Robert J. Bradbury wrote:

>Does anyone have any idea what it costs to manufacture
>a printed T-shirt?  I bet if I had some made up saying
>something like:
>       "I really wanted to believe in nanotech."
>  "But Scientific American claimed it couldn't be done."
>would be a hot selling item at Foresight conferences
>this year.  Or perhaps something with a more scientific
>    Picture of Gary Stix X Picture of Richard Smalley =
>                Picture of Turkey
Not a lot. I just did a google for "T shirt print."
Lots of people will do this for small orders. Price depends on shirt.
Design the shirt on the web, provide credit card number, wait
for delivery.

I have not actually done this for T shirts. I did follow this process
for bumper stickers. For bumper stickers, the setup cost was about
seven dollars and the incremental cost per sticker was about a dollar.
   Does anyone need a spare
       "my child is an Honor Student at Hogwarts"
   Bumper sticker?

Incidentally, this model is spreading:
  An  order of 100 business cards costs $15.00.
  An order of four prototype printed circuit cards is $100.00
  An order of  three small custom machined brass parts is $75.00

All done with point and click on the web after doing a custom design,
either on the web or on your own computer using free downloaded software.

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