[extropy-chat] META: viral spam

BillK bill at wkidston.freeserve.co.uk
Tue Apr 6 21:41:14 UTC 2004

On Tue Apr 6 14:46:20 MDT 2004 Alan Eliasen wrote:
> The only way that we'll know where Rafal's mail came from will be if
> he forwards the original message with *all* headers, and even then it 
> can be difficult to trace.  He can send it to me directly, to avoid
> further waste of everyone's time.

* It wasn't Rafal's email! * He was just the first to ask why a virus
was allowed to be sent to everyone on the extropians list.

The virus email went to the list mailer. The HTML was deleted but a link
to the worm attachment in the archives was still included in the posted

I doubt if a library is kept of original emails before processing by the
list software, but, if available, David might be able to access it.

> I dislike having my name on the e-mail list of someone who doesn't
> protect that information, and allows their system to forge my
> identity, send viruses that purport to be from me, and make me look
> bad, so I want to get this fixed.

It could be any list member (or former list member) who has copies of
extropians list emails stored on their PC.

The sender address is forged, of course, so tracing back requires the
original full header data and that may not tell you much anyway.

I get bounced emails regularly from web sites I've never heard off,
claiming that I tried to send them a virus.  EVERY email address has now
been compromised and made to look bad. As Eugen said 'Too late already'.
Pandora's box has been open for a while now.


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