[extropy-chat] An Error in Nanosystems!

Stirling Westrup sti at cam.org
Wed Apr 7 07:33:58 UTC 2004

On 7 Apr 2004 at 0:44, Hal Finney wrote:

> "Figure 1.1.  End views and exploded views of a sample overlap-repulsion
> bearing design (shown in both ball-and-stick and space-filling
> representations).  Geometries represent energy minima determined by the
> MM2/CSC molecular mechanics software.  Note the six-fold symmetry of the
> shaft structure and the fourteen-fold symmetry of the surrounding ring;
> this relatively prime combination results in low energy barriers to
> rotation of the shaft within the ring.  Bearing structures are discussed
> further in Chapter 10...."
> Can you see the flaw?  I'll let readers here try to figure it out.

Is it the fact that 6 and 14 aren't relatively prime? They have 2 for a 
common factor.
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