[extropy-chat] solution to identity theft

Extropian Agroforestry Ventures Inc. megao at sasktel.net
Thu Apr 8 03:51:58 UTC 2004

I agree that making the world a glass house with naked occupants is one
way of getting at the low level scum.

The need to Id identity to property may never become foolproof until
every individual
carrys some kind of unique bio-id chip and the system always knows how
to do a DNA or bio based query to establish identity in real time.

Spike wrote:

> extropians,
> Identity theft is said to be growing wildly
> as sleazeballs displaced by cheap and competent
> electronic surveillance systems look elsewhere
> to make a dishonest living.
> To stop the yahoos from stealing and using credit
> card applications, could not the fed simply publish
> *everyone's* social security number?  That would
> at least stop banks from giving out credit based
> on that.  Would it not force them to come up with
> some legitimate means of determining identity?
> spike
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