[extropy-chat] SIAI Advocacy Director plans

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Thu Apr 8 16:45:12 UTC 2004

From: Michael Anissimov 

>Subject: [extropy-chat] SIAI Advocacy Director plans

>A summary of my plans as Advocacy Director so far:

    * Act as a formal SIAI representative in meetings, conferences,
    and interviews.
    * Communicate SIAI's mission to a wider audience by simplifying key
    points in CFAI and other SIAI documents.
    * Cooperate with SIAI Volunteers in leveraged projects, such as
    AsimovLaws.com (Tyler will announce this project in April).
    * Increase communication with SIAI volunteers and supporters to
    cultivate effective Singularity advocacy.
    * Present a talk including a description of SIAI's mission at the
    WTA's 2004 Transvision Conference in Toronto.
    * Personally contact and explain SIAI's mission to key communities
    and individuals.
    * Foster respectful and productive dialogue between SIAI and other
    transhumanist organizations.

Thank you for sending this information Michael.  Excellent set of plans.

Please let us know how Extropy Instittue can work with you in achieving
SIAI's new goals.  



Natasha Vita-More
President, Extropy Institute

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