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>It has been awhile since I had a "tingly" moment of excitement
>about how the present and future are converging, but I had one
>today!  Dr. Elias Zerhouni, the head of the National Institute
>of Health, explained how how they had a pretty dang progressive
>(considering the Bush administration I would add) plan for
>investing in research across the nation.  This included a special
>emphasis for genome related work.  With enthusiasm he spoke about
>how over the coming decade he expects medical imaging, RNA
>silencing, and even medical nanotech to be the "big next things."
>When he actually said the words, "medical nanotech" I was surprised,
>and when he brought up "maintaining and rebuilding the body with
>it" I was shocked.  I felt like I had suddenly shifted into a new
>reality and would be getting a letter telling me the future was
>soon to arrive.


Anything Zerhouni says has to be filtered through whether those currently in
power are considering allowing it or not. Not a word in your post about
regenerative medicine, I note, a collection of technologies that could
already be doing great good if they weren't being actively suppressed in the
US and many European counties.

Founder, Longevity Meme

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