[extropy-chat] Century City plot line?

Extropian Agroforestry Ventures Inc. megao at sasktel.net
Sat Apr 10 14:48:45 UTC 2004

Suppose the plaintiffs are a class action by  600,000 persons infected
with a highly
virulent AIDS strain.  They are  shown to be imprisoned in a quarantined
300,000 acre area  of Wyoming.
They are suing the group, GreenAnarchy , a world-wide  anti-technology,
anti-civilization  group  and their  funder and co-conspirator , an
unfriendly,  foreign power of the day,  Saudi Arabia for
3 trillion  USD.  They want immediate access to this money to buy/create
the technology required  to save themselves before the disease runs its
course, as well as cleanse themselves so that they can return to live in

Those guarding the area are on orders to shoot to kill any persons
entering a buffer zone to this
containment area.

In the testamony it is learned that Green Anarchy recruited 1000
suicide bomber health professionals
to move into mid level medical practice and research  positions all over
the world.
This group monitored health data to detect the natural occurance of a
weakly  virulent aids virus.     One of their group had detected such a
virus, succeeded in becoming infected with it and utilizing  a series of
conferences transmitted it to the other 1000.
Their Saudi  funders had provided them each with a  quantity  of an
organism readily able to hybridize with the AIDS virus and amplify its
virulence and activity.
After consuming this preparation and becoming fully charged vectors,
they proceeded to infect as many people as possible in as many of the
world's cities as possible .....before unexpected  infections were
As expected, the national security and health bureaucrats not wishing to
create a public  panic failed to inform the public immediately, so the
number of infected rose from 20,000 in a month to 600,000 in 2 months.
Immediately thereafter an intensive  round-up of suspected cases was
able to
stop the spread in much the same way as had been done years before for

At the trial there may be scenes of protesters from many viewpoints
including one group advocating the slaughter and disposal of all the
infected persons as it is felt by certain people that they represent
too high a risk to escape and re-infect than society should  justify.

Scenes may include Saudi middle class people stating that 3 Trillion
would be financial genocide to Saudi society and that the 600,000 should
go peacefully to their death ( like those nuked at Hiroshima and
Nagasaki died to prevent future nuclear holocaust)   knowing they were
honorable martyrs whose death might teach all the world to live in
peace, and that heaven would reward these 600,000 generously for their


There are many such highly controversial story lines  with multiple sub
themes that could be dramatized in such a series as Century City.


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