[extropy-chat] I should create my own website...

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Sun Apr 11 00:48:33 UTC 2004

I think that as people live longer they will also become more risk averse and so a new profession will be created just to
create and share  the dangerous experiences others can wire into and enjoy without the inherent risks of actually

starman2100 at cableone.net wrote:

> Eugene wrote:
> I wouldn't mind running an embedded camera in a headset, and dumping the daily
> video (relevancy-triggered) into permanent store. Regardless whether it's
> frowned upon, or not.
> >
> What you mention could be several steps up in evolution from the present and very popular blog.
> My life is interesting enough that I could probably sell subscriptions to a "What is John up to now!" website.  Crazy
> guests, funny employees, out of control animals, various girlfriends of mine, a raging boss on an ego trip, and other
> shenannigans could go a long way to entertain people.  I've really been letting a great resource (my own life!) go to
> waste.
> John
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