[extropy-chat] Self-assembling 'nanotubes' offer promise for future artificial joints

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Mon Apr 12 08:38:25 UTC 2004

>From Purdue News: Tiny "nanotubes" that assemble themselves using the same
chemistry as DNA could be ideal for creating better artificial joints and
other body implants. Researchers at Purdue University, the University of
Alberta and Canada's National Institute for Nanotechnology have discovered
that bone cells called osteoblasts attach better to nanotube-coated titanium
than they do to conventional titanium used to make artificial joints.
"We have demonstrated the same improved bone-cell adhesion with other
materials, but these nanotubes are especially promising for biomedical
applications because we'll probably be able to tailor them for specific
parts of the body," said Thomas Webster, an assistant professor of
biomedical engineering at Purdue.
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