[extropy-chat] Be[ing] or Not Be[ing]

Paul Bridger paul.bridger at paradise.net.nz
Wed Apr 14 03:44:43 UTC 2004

Olga Bourlin wrote:

>"In the fullness of time," he continued, "educated people will believe there
>is no soul independent of the body, and hence no life after death."
>Hmmm, the ... "educated"?  Don't the "educated" already know this?
Unfortunately not. Even among scientists, where you would expect the 
lowest incidence of non-rationality, there still exist a surprising 
proportion of people who claim to believe such unsubstantiated claims.
However, it's always difficult to know just how many people who call 
themselves Christians are actually believers. I am always tempted to say 
something like "you're joking, right?" when I find out that a respected 
friend believes in ghosts (even holy ones).

I'm in favour of redefining "educated" to make your statement true.


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