[extropy-chat] MARS: Because it is hard

Spike spike66 at comcast.net
Thu Apr 15 05:06:24 UTC 2004

DOH!  I had a lunar diameter in there for radius.
Alan's calc is right.  spike

ps dammit I did that same thing last time this
discussion came up about 3 yrs ago as I recall.


Perhaps there is a website somewhere that has
lunar radius listed as 3500 km that keeps goofing
me up.


> >
> >omega^2*R = 7.4E22*6.7E-11/3.5E6^2
> >
> >so omega = 3.4E-4 and omega*R is the tangential velocity
> >of about 3.4E-4*3500 is about 1200 meters per second.  
> >One G is about 10 m/s so 1200 = A*t so t = 120 seconds,
> >length of the track is .5*10*t^2 = 5*120^2 = 70 km of
> >track needed to accelerate at one G.
> >
> This differs form Alan's by a factor of two. Radius versus

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