[extropy-chat] Leon Kass, Mystic

Brent Neal brentn at freeshell.org
Thu Apr 15 16:24:28 UTC 2004

 (4/15/04 5:27) Mike Lorrey <mlorrey at yahoo.com> wrote:

>I think this is a good time to start a PR campaign impugning Kass as
>some form of primitivist Nazi. Tie him to wanting a nationwide chain of
>government forced euthanasia/holocaust centers.

Honestly, I'm surprised this hasn't been done already.  The comment Reason made about Kass dodging the questions of the human/social costs of his ideas is dead on. I'd go a step further and suggest that he is so far into the depths of his own mind on these things that he -can't- estimate their effects anymore. In other words, he's become an ideologue rather than a philosopher. You can track this in his books from Toward a More Natural Science (which I -think- was his first book) to his most blatant anti-science book about the book of Genesis.


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