[extropy-chat] Wearable Camera Etiquette

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Thu Apr 15 19:41:42 UTC 2004

Samantha Atkins <samantha at objectent.com>:
>Well, there are some problems here as we augment our intelligence and
>capabilities.  What happens when everyone has the equivalent of a
>photographic memory across all senses in full fidelity?   Are we to
>limit human potential to less than this or effectively brain damage
>future humans selectively and in some circumstances?   Or will we so
>arrange our societies and practices as to expect people to have such
>capabilities and to be capable of sharing fully what they have
>experienced with one another?    If we are truly extropic  I think the
>answer is clear.  Extropian values can not be fully achieved while
>clinging to norms predicated on and even requiring more limited human

Thanks for saying that. I want to share what I experience and learn
with the people close to me. The rushes, the laughs, the insanities,
the sadness, the hard work, the stories of the lives in which I'm
embedded.  This is one of the things that drives me to write and to
photograph. More and more often I wish I had a recorder attached to my
head that fed real time sensory data about something that I was
experiencing alone to the people I care about, because, later, words
and photographs just didn't capture well what it was that I wanted to

Two and a half weeks ago I 'flew' for some hours through the streets
of Rome on my bicycle and visited all-but-five of the obelisks (there
are 74). To and from my meeting point with an art-historian-on-bicycle
who was my guide, I got lost, of course, because I often do that, and
then discovered a few new things along the way. Can you imagine a
cruise through a city of a few million people past 2300 year old
relics on a Sunday morning when few cars gave no cares? Or flying down
the via Cavour hitting all of the green lights (and still few cars)?
My tour was with a person whose preferred method of Rome
transportation is his bicycle; who wears the streets of the city like
a comfortable piece of clothing. I don't remember all of those
beautiful alleys, but now I want to discover them again.

It makes more sense to me to bring about and adapt technologies to
a society in a way that encourages people to 'fly', instead of
encouraging them to crawl into a cave.



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